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Why Tutor?

I came across the idea and opportunity to tutor after I qualified and became a secondary school teacher of mathematics. Little did I know then that tutoring, as a market sector, would become my source of main income and not just the ‘mortgage supplement’. The perception to most teachers then was that tutoring would act as a means of supplementing teacher’s salary and most teachers did tutoring after school. 20 years later it’s a commercial commodity and one of the highest growth emerging sectors expected to be worth over 18 billion by 2018 . The UK industry alone is worth over 6 billion. So why is there such a massive growth and need for tutoring in the UK? OFSTED deem inadequate a rising number of schools so many parents turned to private tutoring to supplement their children’s education .The demand for tutoring over the last 15 years has increased by over 75%.

So as a tutor for over 20 years I believe there are many reasons why tutoring is highly beneficial to pupils.

Tutoring helps fill the gaps in knowledge and pupils are able to overcome their fears and resentment towards a subject. Building the love for learning and enthusiasm is at the forefront of my tutoring successes. Once you are able to inspire their ability to ask the questions around the subject they become curious and start asking questions to extend them and increase their capacity. Tutoring helps enormously with Confidence building particularly when pupils are able to see clear links and understanding of the subject matter, furthermore their approach and attitude to the subject improves. This is particularly evidenced when pupils have fear of maths.

As a tutor, that is when you experience that golden moment when you have been working with a pupil who started off hating a subject and then starts linking ideas and forming a basis for consolidated knowledge and asking the pertinent questions to stretch them and take their learning to the next level. I absolutely love that feeling!

Tutoring helps pupils who may be lacking in self esteem or have had a personal difficulty. It can help them feel special, overcoming shyness, put up their hand in response to answer questions in class and increases communication and relationships at school.

Tutoring helps children feel ‘special’ and ‘noticed’ and that someone in interested in them. Tutoring removes that feeling of being ‘lost in the crowd at school’.

I have always ensured that all the pupils I work with are encouraged to develop a Growth Mindset (Carol Dwyek) approach to learning. By using positive messaging throughout effective tutoring processes, pupils are able to push themselves further and hence achieve better grades at school. The fundamental change being made is with confidence and self belief.

Pupils begin to approach challenges in learning as an OPPORTUNITY rather than a failure. As a result pupils become less worried and anxious when they make a mistake.

Tutoring can fundamentally effect change so that mistakes are registered as learning opportunities to improve their knowledge and mind to GROW.

If through tutoring we can reduce pupils’ anxiety, reluctance to try hard and approach challenges positively with confidence, pupils will GROW all-round academically and holistically.

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Written by Ambika Pindoria, Tuition Specialist  & Expert British tuition provider for  20 years 

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