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Is a Mentor Important to an Entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur you may have met different mentors or been told by others that you should employ the services of a mentor, yet as a entrepreneur you may sometimes not have the cash available to spend here and there and everywhere so in this Hi-Juice article we would like to talk about why a mentor is important to an entrepreneur.

Experience ‘The Block’

A mentor has been around the block a few times, knows how to set up a business, run a business and successfully built a business so they can work as a soundboard for you to listen to your ideas, explain any issues you may come across while giving you advice, guidance and support to help ensure that your business plans come to fruition. The most important aspect is coaching the business owner and listening good and hard. Listening and asking the right questions at the right time.

Doors Get Opened

As an entrepreneur you may not know a lot of good sub-contractors and working partners, but a mentor does and they can help connect you with the right people whether these are people that will be of benefit to your business or your business may be of benefit to them. These could be doors you would never be able to open yourself and people you may never have the chance to meet, but your mentor can connect you with these people easily.

The Right Advice

Many entrepreneurs turn to friends and family for advice and guidance on business matters but this is normally met with encouraging comments because your family love you, but when you turn to a mentor for advice you will get an open and honest unbiased response along with the guidance to ensure that you will take the next steps of building your business and you’ll do it the right way. the mentor acts for YOU and no one else.

What About seeing your business from outside?

When you own your own business it is very easy to be so involved in your business you can’t see it from the outside; however a mentor will view your business from as an outsider who is not connected to you or your business and give you an external view of your business with potential changes you can make to create a more successful business. A business mentor is always objective and plays a neutral position in coaching through your ideas and concepts.

Being the secret weapon....

The Hi-Juice business mentor will objectively be introducing new ideas they may also see areas for improvement and ask you why you are doing something a certain way before discussing different solutions to make the business run smoother, increase productivity and help you make more money for your business. It's the role of the mentor to be asking questions and getting you to think about the direction in which you wish the business to go towards. An experienced expert business mentor will help you gain valuable CLARITY  to help accelerate the growth of your business.