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Independent Retailer Day 4th July

An Entrepreneur’s Vision to help with Business Growth Support in Barkingside, Ilford Essex.

4th July 2017: Independent Retailer Day


“Start with the End in Mind”,   quote by Stephen R Covey

Any great business mentor or coach will know about a super renowned author and mentor ‘Covey’, who writes about personal effectiveness and has created a phenomenally simple but powerful lesson in personal change through his ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. A book well worth reading, for anyone who is seeking help with solving personal and professional problems.

Whenever I am about to consider a new challenging project, Covey is there to remind me of

Principle 2: Start with the end in mind……..

I had set myself a visionary business goal in January 2017 to begin work to support local retail business owners to grow and assist them to open their thinking about how they run their shops. This was a tall order as retailers are extremely busy and have no energy or time to prioritise business mentoring, even if they wanted to. The vision was to set up free monthly business support training and mentor programmes to help with growth, fund or exit and incorporate modules on sales, marketing, advertising, promotion activity, raising finance, branding, customer service, client servicing and business growth and long term sustainability. My challenge was to understand retailers’ daily challenges and find out what help was needed and really the best way was to talk and get to know the Barkingside business owners better. The idea of celebrating the 4th July as Independent Retailers Day was a perfect opportunity for celebration. It was a wonderful occasion for capturing the hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance of retail owners and despite the tremendous hours of planning and problem solving it was a great success. The business development team consisted of a very committed local resident, social enterprise called Sophia Hubs, Hi-Juice Business Grow Mentors, Barkingside Business Hub and Events with Melanie. The event was supported by the London Borough of Redbridge and Barkingside 21, an established community network. As a teacher, coach and mentor and being a local business owner through running my Education tutoring Business, Get Smart Tutoring for over 22 years (established on the High street since 1995), I have witnesses the diversity and vibrancy of the High street, many shops have opened closed and others thrived over the years. The closure of Woolworth’s on 6th January 2009 marked a wave in a new culture of retail offering headed by Veena’s Asian foods.  The High Street has shops selling English, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Punjabi, Jewish and Polish Food. Apology if I have left any others out, I am sure there are more. From the Cat Walk Pets, Yosi’s bakery, Patricija, Elite Vision to Eye Candie’s Evening wear clothing, the High Street highlights and exhibits the power of people’s creativity and individuality over larger chain stores.  The Independent retailer event on the 4th July 2017 event was vibrant and enabled business owners to ‘show off’ what they do, pick up extra sales and most importantly create a sense of purpose, community and self value. Over my years as an entrepreneur and my work in helping business owners the most important aspects of running a business and what drives entrepreneurs is not always the profit but the sense of purpose, their self-value, contribution to the environment, providing a local community service and the ability to provide employment opportunities to local people that creates a sense of belonging.

For the last 22 years I feel honoured and still excited to be a part of this interesting vibrant HighStreet and would welcome to assist with further plans and development to see it grow and empower a truly diverse retail business offering. I started with my ‘End in Mind’ and Hi-Juice achieved a great deal in just 3 months.

 The Hi-Juice FREE local business mentoring sessions are offered in well maintained professional, local offices at 59a High Street at the heart of the retailer High Street. The small group sessions started in May 2017 and will continue on a 1- half day monthly basis until November 2017. The next 2 sessions are on the 26th July & 23rd August.

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