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How Much Are You Worth?

A business mentor can help you with a whole range of things which will help with your own personal development and also the development of your business.

One issue we often face as business mentors is that the business owner we are working with doesn’t know how much to charge and they struggle to put a price of their worth; especially for businesses offering a service.

A business mentor will sit with you and understand you and your business, see the talent, experience and background you can offer a client and help you see that you can move away from the low-cost, quick and cheap services and instead offer a more specific and high value service to your clients.

You can then talk with your business mentor about the idea of pricing your services on value, instead of fixed priced packaging and comparing your business offerings to those of others in the ‘sell them cheap and quick market’.

These prices we suggest for the clients service often surprise them, but however new or old your business your prices should be based on the experience, knowledge, talent and skills you can offer. You can even charge more than a long-established business as you may have a stronger background and experience in that area; even though you are a new business.

By pricing your services low not only will you be treated as an ‘amateur’ business, you also won’t enjoy doing your work because you are getting paid less than you deserve. Companies may not even be interested in you because your prices are too low and they feel you won’t offer good value, just a cheap service.

Why not speak to a business mentor today to look at the way you present yourself and your business and to find out how much you are worth; as a famous cosmetic range often tells us “You’re worth it” – but what is it that you are worth?