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Difference between Sensational and Mediocre

Expert Growth Coach- Mentors who have been there… done that whilst wearing the t-shirt of INSPIRATION!

So, here’s the funny old irony about great business owners; the key attribute of an entrepreneur is that they are self-starters.

They’re willing to break away from the world of employment and make a new wave in earning their way. Entrepreneurs are self made visionary people and often after the first stage of success weans off and troubled more challenging times manifest, who can they turn to?
What can an entrepreneur do?   How can they move forward?
They could ignore it, bury their heads in the sand, and try to solve the problems themselves or bring in help at expense beyond their means.
The experience of having an equity partner to drive the growth can be instrumental for accelerated growth and great for experience.
It could be transformational but often the cost in equity and control maybe high. An equity partner injects cash in the business and demonstrates that someone else buys into the vision and the business model.  The problem with this is that, Entrepreneurs as self starters struggle with being told what to do, especially if the source of help ends up telling the self-starter what to do, the paradox!
The market holds an abundance of Business Coaches with varying price points, backgrounds and stratified success.
The Hi-Juice business growth mentoring programme is conducted by an expert team of successful entrepreneurs who have achieved effective exit from their own operation.
They now dedicate their time inspiring other business owners by 'leveraging' their experiences and knowledge to effect other businesses owners’ success.
So, finally…..a chance to be mentored by business people with REAL entrepreneurial expertise!
Ambika Pindoria, 2015

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